El Restaurante Ixtapa
¡La Familia Muñoz Les Da La Bienvenida!

¡The Muñoz Family Welcomes You!

Restaurante Ixtapa
162 Exchange Park Lane
Hillsborough, North Carolina 27278
Telephone: 919-644-6944

¡La Comida Mexicana Auténtica!
... and the best burgers in town!

Open every day but Tuesday.
9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Atención al público todos los días menos el martes. 
Desde las 9:00 a.m. hasta las 9:00 p.m.

El Restaurante Ixtapa Featured In The New York Times

On Trip Advisor, El Restaurante Ixtapa ranks #6 of 50 Restaurants In Hillsborough

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El Restaurante Ixtapa is located 100 yards due south of Weaver Street Market's main entrance,
at the end of downtown Hillsborough's "old bridge," on the south bank of the Eno River.

Your hosts at Ixtapa are Pedro and Nicolasa Muñoz 
and their adult children, Zuri, Gladys, Eliud and Pedro.

The Muñoz family takes pleasure and pride in doing everything possible to make you happy.

Anfitriona Bilingüe/Bilingual Hostess
Señorita Zuri Muñoz
Tel: 919-644-6944

Daily Specials
Especialidades del Día

We Cater Your Special Get-Togethers

From April 'til Novvember, Ixtapa offers "turn-key" party packages on our Eno riverside lawn.
We arrange live Mexican music!

Cumpleaños. Quinceañeras. Bautizos. Primera Comunión. Bodas. Bailes.
Musica mexicana en vivo.
Manejamos piñatas.

Recommendations For First Time Ixtapa Diners

We take great pride in making our fresh food “from scratch.” We are so dedicated to freshness that we hand-make our tortillas, perhaps the only Triangle restaurant to use this “standard operating procedure.” 

When Ixtapa's kitchen is busy and “serving time” takes longer than usual, we encourage you to order an appetizer of guacamole con totopos - handmade, deep-fried tortilla chips. “Guacamole Ixtapa” is a “crowd pleaser” and is widely regarded as The Triangle's best guacamole. Our portion size is very generous so that usually two hungry people can share a single order of “guac.”

Always ask about daily specials and keep in mind that seafood offerings are more abundant on weekends. We believe our fish tacos, shrimp tacos and chicken flautas are the best in the area; Our mixed beef, chicken and shrimp fajitas are very yummy -- feed two hungry people -- and also make an excellent "take out" choice. One regular Ixtapa diner says our sopa de camaron (shrimp soup) is a world class dish for the broth alone!

Don't miss our fresh fruit juices and iced hibiscus petal tea, called Jamaica in Spanish. These “aguas de fruta” are unusually good! Similarly, our tropical fruit popsicles/paletas (only $2.00 a “pop”) are made with real tropical fruit and are not to be missed.

Our breakfasts are uncommonly good and very reasonably priced, most of these "big spreads" costing a mere $6.95. Try an egg dish with shredded chorizo/sausage made fresh by our Mexican butcher.

For dessert, don't miss "Pastel de Tres Leches," Mexico's most festive cake.

Sides and Starters

Guacamole “Ixtapa” $3.50. (Vegetarian and Gluten Free)
A delicious blend of mashed avocado with tomato, jalapeño, lime juice, cilantro and salt.

Guacamole “Ixtapa” with Totopos. $4.50 (Vegetarian and Gluten Free)
A delicious blend of mashed avocado with tomato, jalapeño, lime juice, cilantro with homemade, deep-fried corn chips.

Pico de Gallo. $4.50. (Vegetarian and Gluten Free)
A tasty side dish made with onion, cilantro, tomato,  jalapeño, lime juice and cilantro.
Pico de Gallo. Cebolla picada, cilantro, tomate,  jalapeño, jugo de limón y cilantro. $4.50

Cheese Dip: Served with homemade, deep-fried corn chips. This is Ixtapa's popular and scrumptious fresh cheese dip. $4.50 (Also available with jalapeño or spicy Mexican sausage. $5.50  Tambien disponible con jalapeño o chorizo. $5.50

Side of rice and beans. $2.00(Vegetarian and Gluten Free)
Plato de arroz y frijoles. $2.00

French Fries. Papas Fritas. (Vegetarian and Gluten Free)
Small/Pequeno: $2,50  Large/Grande: $3.50

Bebidas - Beverages

First drink the coconut juice, then eat the coconut “meat.” Whether you plan tro eat it here or at home, just ask your table server to “machete” your coconut in half.

FRESH FRUIT JUICE du jour. $2.00. Refill: $0.50.
AGUA DE FRUTA (variable). $2.00. Llenar de nuevo: $0.50

BLACK TEA. Hot or iced. Sweet or unsweetened. $2.00 
TE NEGRO. Caliente o helado. Dulce o sin dulce. $2.00

MEXICAN HOT CHOCOLATE. Served “black” or with milk. $2.50

COFFEE "DE OLLA" Sweet cinnamon coffee. $2.50

Tamarind. Mandarin. Fruit Punch. Grapefruit. Pineapple. Lime. Mango. Strawberry. Club Soda, “Sangría”
MEXICAN FANTA. Naranja/Orange. $2.25
MEXICAN COCA COLA – Coca Cola de medio litro. $2.25

JUMEX. These canned fruit juices – often called “nectars” – are very popular in Mexico. Flavors include mango, guava, strawberry-banana. $1.50

AMERICAN SODAS. REFRESCOS.  Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite. $1.25

New Belgium "Glutiny" (Gluten-Free) Pale Ale $4.50
Bull City NC Ciderworks "Off Main" Hard Cider. $4.25

Main Dishes
Platos Fuertes
​CARNITAS (delicious slow-roasted pork - very savory) with salad, rice, beans and tortillas. $12.00
CARNITAS con ensalada, arroz, frijol y tortilla. $12.00

SHRIMP QUESADILLA. Melted Cheese with shrimp and pico de gallo in a tortilla wrap. $8.50 
QUESADILLA DE CAMARON con pico de gallo. $8.50

FAJITAS. Combination of grilled shrimp, steak, chicken, grilled onion, bell pepper, jalapeño. $15.95

MOJARRA. Fried whole black sea bass with rice, beans, salad and tortillas. $13.00

FISH TACOS/TACOS DE PESCADO. Three (3) sea bass tacos topped with our specialty red cabbage coleslaw, corn and cilantro. $10.50

PESCADILLAS DE ATUN - TUNA PESCADILLAS: A deep-fried fish delight served in deep-fried tortillas.  $9.50

​SHRIMP TACO. Grilled shrimp topped with cabbage, pico de gallo and cheese. $3.50
TACO DE CAMARON. Camarón a la parilla con repollo rallado, pico de gallo y queso. $3.50

MIXED SAUSAGE AND ROASTED BEEF TACOS "a la diabla" (spicy).  Plate of three. $7.00

CAMARONES A LA DIABLA con arroz, frijol y tortillas. $12.50
SHRIMP IN THE SPICY DEVIL FASHION with rice, beans and tortillas. $12.50


BARBACOA ROJA ESTILO GUERRERO de carne de res con arroz, frijol y tortillas. $12.50 
RED BARBAQUE BEEF, GUERRERO STYLE with rice, beans and tortillas. $12.50

TACOS. Homemade corn tortilla with your choice of grilled meat, topped with fresh cilantro and onion. Grilled onion and jalapeño on request. $2.00
TACOS con una tortilla hecha a mano, carne al gusto, cilantro y cebolla. $2.00
TACOS with extra lettuce, tomato and sour cream for an additional $0.75 per taco.

MEAT AND VEGETABLE CHOICES FOR TACOS, and as “add-ons” for quesadillas, Mexican sandwiches and burritos: Steak/Asada. Pork/ Al Pastor. Chicken/Pollo. Barbacoa/Shredded Beef. Chorizo/Sausage. Cabeza/Head Meat.  Also, Mushrooms/Champiñones and other Vegetables/Verduras

DON BURRITO. Whole pinto beans, Mexican rice, your choice of grilled meat. $7.50
Burrito con frijoles pintos, arroz y carne al gusto. $7.50

HOUSE BURRITO. Your choice of refired or whole beans, rice, guacamole, lettuce, cheese, our homemade “salsa roja” and your choice of grilled meat. $8.00
BURRITO DE CASA. Sus opciones son de frijoles fritos o enteros, arroz, guacamole, lechuga, mezcla de queso rallado con salsa de la casa mas sus opciones de carne. $8.00

CHICKEN FLAUTAS. Order of 5 rolled corn tortillas topped with sour cream, cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion and avocado. $8.50  
OPTION: If you choose 3 flautas or enchiladas instead of 5, you also get rice and beans. $8.50

ENCHILADAS. 5 rolled tortillas filled with cheese or shredded chicken. Topped with red or green sauce, lettuce, onion, sour cream, cheese and avocado. $8.50 (See OPTION Immediartely above.)

MEXICAN SANDWICH with your choice of grilled meat, tomato, lettuce, avocado, onion, cheese, mayo and chile. $8.50. With French fries, or rice and beans, of side veggies.
TORTA MEXICANA con lechuga Romaine, zanahoria, tomate, cebolla, queso, mayonesa y chile. $8.50. Con papas fritas, o arroz y frijol, o verduras de casa.

HUARACHE: A sandal/huarache-shaped tortilla heaped with beans, lettuce, avocado and cream. $5.00. With you choice of meat: $7.00

TINGA: Dos tostadas por $7.00. Two tostadas for $7.00. Shredded chicken sauteed with onions, lettuce, queso fresco, refried beans and avocado slices in mild tomato-chipotle sauce.



NUEVO SANDWICH with grilled chicken, bacon, lettuce, chipotle mayo, avocado slices, pepper jack cheese. Fries included. $9.00
TORTA NUEVA con pollo griliado, tocino, lechuga, mayonesa de chipotle, rebanadas de aguacate, queso "pepper jack." Papas incluido. $9.00
TORTA MILANESA - Breaded and pan-fried chicken (or beef); also comes with French fries, or rice and beans, or a side of veggies. $9.50

CHEESE QUESADILLA. Folded flour tortilla with melted cheese. $5.25 (Vegetarian)
Quesadilla with mushroom. $6.00.
Quesadilla con champiñones. $6.00.


VEGGIE QUESADILLA. Grilled zucchini with melted cheese $7.50. (Vegetarian) 
QUESADILLA VEGETARIANA con calabacín y calabaza. $7.50

GRILLED FLANK STEAK - CARNE ASADA with rice, beans, salad and corn or flour tortillas. $12.50

GRILLED CHICKEN - POLLO A LA PARILLA with rice, beans, salad and corn or flour tortillas. $12.50

TAMALES have made their annual autumn return! Pork in red sauce. Chicken in green sauce. 
These individual tacos are available for a limited time only. (A dozen or more tamales can be special-ordered at any time of year.)

ANGUS BEEF BURGER. 1/3rd pound, with condiments and French fries. Chile en vinegar or pickle. $5.95
HAMBURGUESA DE CARNE DE RES “ANGUS” con papas fritas y pepinillo  $5.95

GRILLED CHICKEN BURGER with condiments and French fries. Chile in vinegar or pickle.
HAMBURGUESA DE POLLO A LA PARILLA con papas fritas y chile en vinagre o pepinillo. $6.95

HOUSE SALAD. Romaine lettuce, whole pinto beans, pico de gallo, guacamole and cheese. $7.00 (Vegetarian and Gluten Free) WITH MEAT, $9.50
ENSALADA DE CASA. Con lechuga Romaine, pintos, pico de gallo, guacamole y queso. $7.00. 
CON CARNE, $9.50

MIXED SALAD made with Romaine lettuce, extra virgin olive oil, carrot, tomato, fresh onion slice, bacon bits and a dash of lime juice. Ranch dressing option. $6.75 
ENSALADA MIXTA con lechuga Romaine, aceite de oliva, tomate, cebolla, pedazos de tocino y jugo de limón. Opción de aderezo “Ranch.” $6.75

CON CARNE: $9.50  CON CAMARON: $10.00
MEXICAN SALAD with Romaine lettuce, black beans, chopped red peppers, cilantro, corn, avocado slices, crunchy tortillas and fresh honey-lime dressing $7.00 V&G 
WITH MEAT: $9.50 WITH SHRIMP: $10.00

MEAT CHOICES for tacos and as “add-ons” for quesadillas, Mexican sandwiches and burritos: Steak/Asada. Pork/ Al Pastor. Chicken/Pollo. Barbacoa/Shredded Beef. Chorizo/Sausage. Cabeza/Head Meat. Lengua/Tongue. Also, Mushrooms/Champiñones.


Tostadas de Ceviche - Sea bass cooked with lime juice and combined withchopped tomato, onions and jalapeno. Served with avocado, cilantro and tostadas. Order: $8.50   Cocktail: $15.00

Shrimp Coctail Main Dish with avocado, cilantro, tomato and onion. $12.50
Coctel de Camarón, plato fuerte con aguacate, cilantro, tomate y cebolla $12.50

9:00 a.m. - 12:00 noon

Mexican Ranch Style Eggs: 2 fried eggs with red or green sauce. Bacon or sausage. Your choice of grits or potatoes. Toast.  Coffee or tea. $6.95
Huevos Rancheros: 2 huevos estrellados con salsa roja o verde.  Tocino o salchicha. Con papa y pan.  Con café o té.  $6.95 

Mexican Style Eggs. 2 scrambled egg with tomato, onion and jalapeño. Bacon or sausage and tortillas or bread. With coffee or tea. $6.95. 
Huevos Mexicanos. 2 huevos revueltos con tomate ,cebolla y  jalapeño. Con tocino o salchica, corn tortillas o pan. Café o té.  $6.95. 

Scrambled eggs with Mexican sausage. With refried beans and corn tortilla or toast. Coffee or tea. $6.95
Huevos Revueltos con chorizo mexicano con frijoles y   Tortilla o pan. Café o té. $6.95

2 Eggs Cooked to Order with 2 pancakes or waffle, potatoes or grits, bacon or sausage. Coffee or tea.  $6.95
Huevos al gusto. 2 huevos cocinados al gusto, 2 pancakes o waffle, tocino o salchicha, papas o masita. Café o té.  $6.95

Mexican Omelet. Grilled tomates, onion jalapeño and ham with sausage or bacon. Tortilla or toast. Coffee or tea.  $6.95 
Omelet mexicano a la parrilla, tomate, cebolla, jalapeño y jamon. Con salchica o tocino y tortilla o pan. Café o té.  $6.95 

Breakfest Burrito. Scrambled eggs with potatoes or grits, bacon or sausage, coffee or tea. $6.95
Burrito mañanero. Huevos revueltos con papas o masita, tocino o salchicha  cafe o té. $6.95 

Chilaquiles. Lightly fried tortillas with red or green salsa, topped with cheese, sour cream and raw onion and eggs cooked to order. $6.95. (Vegetarian and Gluten-free.)
Chilaquiles. Pedazos de tortillas frita con salsa verde o roja , queso fresco crema cebolla y huevos al gusto. $6.95. (Vegetariano y libre de gluten.)

Quesadilla. Folded tortilla with melted cheese $3.50. Mushroom or Bacon $4.00. Add both for only $4.50  
Shrimp quesadilla. Melted cheese with shrimp and pico de gallo. $7.50
Veg-Quesadilla. Grilled squash and zucchini with melted cheese (Vegetarian) 
Quesadilla with your choice of meat. $7.50

Waffle with chocolate and blueberries. $4.00 (V)
Waffle con chocolate y arandanos/blueberries. $4.00 (V)

Orange or Grape juice.  Small: $1.00.  Large: $2.00
Jugo de naranja o jugo de uva.  Pequeño: $1.00.  Grande: $2.00

Coffee “a la olla.” Sweet cinnamon coffee. $2.50  Café de olla.$2.50  

Extra Meat $2.00 
Mexican sausage, bacon, sausage. 
Chorizo, tocino, salchicha. 

Breakfast Special

To encourage Ixtapa diners to explore our delectable menu of Mexican breakfasts, we will give one free breakfast – with soft drink, juice, tea or coffee – to every group of seven or more patrons. 

​Ixtapa Burger
  "The best burger in town!"

Ixtapa's Yelp Rating is 4 and a half stars, tied for the highest rating in Hillsborough.

Featured User Reveiw: "This is by far, hands-down the most authentic Mexican food I've had outside of Mexico.   I had guac, two pork tacos, a sope, and a chilled coconut. Everything was fresh and tasty."